Technical Support

Network Consulting

  • Network Assessment – A full review of your network can be provided in order to identify all components and services. This provides a full inventory of appliances, devices, and software. It also creates a full map of your network. This allows us to identify any issues and identify the procedures necessary to bring your network up to industry standards.
  • Vendor Relations – Most software, appliances, and devices include maintenance contracts. However, most users don’t speak the same technical language necessary to communicate with the support personnel and customer service representatives. We offer this service as part of troubleshooting and maintenance, as well as helping you maintain your service contracts.
  • Industry Trends and maintenance reports – On a monthly or quarterly basis, our customer service representatives meet with you about our relationship, and any new industry standards you should be aware of, and how they may affect your organization.

Desktop Support

  • Hardware and software installations
  • New computer deployments, as well as retiring and disposing of old computers
  • User assistance with specific problems, whether it be hardware or software related
  • Patch management, anti-virus management, and more

Server Support

  • New server rollouts, replacements, and retirement
  • Server virtualization
  • Patch and anti-virus management
  • Backup and recovery
  • Back Office products such as Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, and more
  • Linux and Windows support

Firewall and Content Filter Support

  • Separate appliances such as Cisco ASA and IPrism
  • Unified Threat Management systems such as Dell SonicWall and Watchguard
  • SPAM filter solutions such as Barracuda

Router and Switch Support

  • We offer full installation, maintenance, repair, updates, and replacement services, no matter the brand (Cisco, HP, or others)
  • We liaison with your ISP to be their onsite support for remote deployment

Website Support

  • Website development
  • Website maintenance
  • Website hosting, and much more

Wi-Fi Support

  • Wi-Fi installations and maintenance
  • Additional Wi-Fi services such as security, encryption, printing and more

Peripheral Support

  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Fax systems
  • Light bulb replacement!!

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