Game-changing hardware at a virtually unbeatable price.

The NComputing vSpace Server supports up to 100 user sessions per instance, allowing end users to share resources on a common operating system.  vSpace Server divides a single operating system into independent virtual workspaces that give each user their own, customized desktop and PC experience.  vSpace extends application and desktop virtualization for all of the latest Microsoft Windows environments, including Windows Multipoint Server 2012, Windows Sever 2012 and Windows 8.1.

Hardware that evolves as your business grows.

Need more than 100 workstations?  No problem.  Combine the power of multiple vSpace Servers and scale vSpace virtualization platform deployments to provide thousands of connections.  And worry less about whether security patches, service packs, and software upgrades have been completed system-wide.  In a vSpace environment, everyone’s on the same page.

Spend your IT budget on ramping up, not keeping up.

A typical Enterprise VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) for 100 end users requires at least four servers, space for 100 PC user images, and 100 separately licensed sets of user apps.  And let’s not forget the additional NAS (Network Attached Storage) or SAN storage, and the time and energy it takes for your team to configure and manage those 100 images.

NComputing vSpace reduces deployment time with the ability to configure and deploy thousands of virtual desktops in days, rather than weeks.  Each instance of vSpace Server can accommodate up to 100 user sessions on a single server.  That’s simply the most user density per dollar in the industry.  So your IT budget is spent on increasing efficiency and security — not on redundant hardware, unused  licenses and troubleshooting outdated software.

Take your network virtually anywhere.

With vSpace Client Software, you can extend the value of vSpace Server by allowing access from existing Windows PC workstations, laptops, and netbooks.  You can even repurpose your existing or legacy PC’s as centrally-managed virtual desktop devices.

For remote management of NComputing thin clients, vSpace Management Center provides a flexible, web-based management tool for all network-connected thin client devices.  So your users can access their work using any Windows device via LAN or Wi-Fi — and from their homes and remote locations, too.

Check out our clients.

NComputing’s space-saving thin client hardware is stylish, durable and built to accommodate the size and scale of your network:

  • L-series thin clients: Allow up to 100 users to share one instance of vSpace Server virtualization software.
  • M-series 3-in-1 thin client kits: Provide an affordable PC expansion alternative, allowing up to 45 users to share the resources of one PC or server.
  • X-series thin client kits: a turnkey solution for up to 11 users per PC or server.

All vSpace thin client hardware is backed by a standard thee-year warranty (up to five years with extended coverage), with advance hardware replacement available should your hardware require service.

Allow us to demonstrate.

LA Convergence has teamed with NComputing to make the vSpace Server family of products available to small and medium-sized businesses in Louisiana and to state agencies.  But don’t just take our word for it.  Call for a free demonstration of what vSpace Server can do for your organization today.

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